Sunday, April 08, 2012

Cool Summer at TAGAYTAY

     What do you LOVE during Summer? For me, I love summer specially in Philippines because lots of Fiestas Celebration and also its time for bonding with the families, friends and love ones.     

      What do you HATE during Summer? I'm sure that we have common answer, its the HEAT of Summer.
Well, if you want to escape the heat of Summer, but have limited budget to go to Baguio which is the Summer Capital in the Philippines. No worries, there is alternative place to experience cool summer, why not go to TAGAYTAY in the Province of Cavite its just relatively close to the capital city of Manila, only 55 km (34 mi) away via Aguinaldo Highway.

      Tagaytay, is one of the tourist destination in the Philippines especially during summer. You will be welcome by cold and fresh air, and you could witness the outstanding scenery of nature because of its high altitude.

     You could see the Taal Lake in Batangas and the view of TAAL VOLCANO crater in the middle in the lake.

If you want more fun try to ride the ZIPLINE and CABLE CAR.

Its a good place to relax and enjoy the summer and escape the heat, the noise and air pollution in the city.

Travel the World and Experience all these at TAGAYTAY, Philippines.....

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