Saturday, March 31, 2012

63rd Araw ng Lala and 11th Alimango Festival

Have you experienced LAAG SA LALA? If no, then you loss half of your life. Why not tried to experience and witness the most memorable days in Lala where 2 of the most memorable celebration were celebrated, the 63rd Araw ng Lala and the 11th Alimango Festival, it is a one week celebration.
One of the highlight on this celebration is the Fabulous decorations of Booth of the 27 barangays in Lala and decorated by Alimango with the OTOP, Lemonsito.

During Agri-Aqua Fair Day you could buy the products produces in every barangays in Lala. You could buy Agricultural Products produces by the highland barangays like root crops, vegetables, different variety of Rice, fruits and many more. In coastal barangays were the Aqua marine products such as prawns, crabs, tilapia,bangus, seashells such as amahong, burnay, sihi, tuway and many more...

And the most awaited part of this celebration was the Alimango Band Showdown Contest were different schools battle to become the Grand Champion.

The celebration was successfully celebrated through the efforts of the LGU officials headed by Municipal Mayor Allan Lim, Vice Mayor Reynino Longcob and the SB Members of Lala with the cooperation of the Barangay Officials headed by the Punong Barangay and the constituents of Lala and visitors who witness this remarkable events.
Mark your calendar that March 16-22 is Araw ng Lala and Alimango Festival and tried to LAAG SA LALA 2013. See you soon..... "LALA SOARING HIGH."


  1. Hi! March 16-22, 2013?? I'll mark that in my calendar!:) :)

  2. Where is Lala?



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