Sunday, January 13, 2013

Christmas Time in Tangub City

Christmas in the Philippines is one of the most awaited celebration. When the "Ber" months comes Filipinos start preparing for the celebration like christmas decors, christmas gifts for the inaanak and also foods for the noche buena. It is also the time that a long vacation happened and it is time for lakwatsa or gimiks.

Well, talking about gimiks with the bakarda, why not try to visit Tangub City with your friends or families give them a treat for christmas. And you will see the fabulous arrangements of Christmas lights. During my visit, along the road I witness the different concepts of Christmas lights that will welcome you. And it will tell you also that you are entering Tangub City.

At their Plaza is the most beautiful place for Christmas. You will feel the spirits of Christmas, the people and the surroundings that full of Christmas Lights.

And remind also, that during your visit just bring a lot of coins because if you want to look inside, their is entrance fee from Php2.00 - Php5.00 or donations.

Experience the Spirit of Christmas at Tangub City, the "CHRISTMAS SYMBOL CAPITAL OF THE PHILIPINES". Travel the world and experience the fun in the Philippines...



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