Friday, January 25, 2013

A unique Butterfly or A Beautiful Moth

Every person may describe the butterfly as a beautiful and colorful creature that give beauty in our surroundings. There are also people believes that the butterfly is the re-incarnation of a man after the death. Do you know that butterfly and moth are alike but they are not the same? According to the New Comprehensive English Filipino Dictionary it described the butterfly as a thin-bodied insect with large often brightly colored wings, club-shaped antennae, and slender body, while Moth is an insect like butterfly that usually  flies at night, any various typically nocturnal, distinguished from butterflies by their smaller stout bodies, and smaller, usually dull colored wings, which fold laterally across the abdomen.
Now, maybe we can distinguish among the two. But it makes me confuse with this creature that I found.
far view
And it is not nocturnal maybe, because I found it at daytime.
close shot
But when you look it closely, it is not a butterfly because the characteristics it closely to moth. One, it has smaller stout bodies.
the antennae is not club-shaped
Here are some of the pictures:

In your opinion what do you think it is a unique butterfly or a beautiful Moth.

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