Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tarantula in the Philippines

    It is very rare to find Tarantula in the Philippines. Some people believe that there was no Tarantula that can be found here in the Philippines. Maybe it is my luck that I found this Tarantula at the back in our house.

    I found this accidentally when I open the stone near in our house. After I open, I notice that there is something crawling in a black color. I thought it was a spider, but our neighbor told me that it was not a ordinary spider they named it as "hapon-hapon" in  Mindanao. And they warn us not to touch it because it is venomous.

    Maybe they are true, because when I took some picture on it, I notice that it produced something liquid on the stomach.
    The size is not as big as the Tarantula in other country, but it is larger than the spider that can be found on the trees.

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