Saturday, March 24, 2012


The whole mindanao is experiencing power interruption/power curtailment (pagpalong sa kuryente) almost everyday. Why do this happening today? According to Lanao del Norte Electric Cooperative (LANECO) one of the Electric distribution utilities in Mindanao that they received notices everyday from National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) about "Advisory of Power Curtailment" or notice that there is power supply shortage where all Electric Distribution Utilities in Mindanao ordered to implement reducing power supply consumption within the coverage area.

According to, that Mindanao have the capacity of 1,052 megawatts but as of now the demand reached to 1,263 megawatts. Because of this, there is a power shortage of 211 megawatts and now LANECO needed 12 megawatts every day but 7.5 megawatts only provided by National Power Corporation. Therefore, there is 4.5 megawatts shortage.

Because of this, LANECO oblige to implement the Power Curtailment or rotating brownouts to all consumers until the power supply become normal.

As a consumer it is a great burden to us, but we have to accept it. We only ask to the management to give us schedules on power interruption so that we can prepare and plug out our appliances because it can cause damage. And we hope that there will steps to solve this problem....


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  2. if that so..... please send me daily scheduled of power interuption in Linamon Lanao del norte, just send me through e-mail Thanks



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