Sunday, April 15, 2012

Life in Countryside

Many people dream to live in the city. Why? because in the city there were lots of opportunity to find job, just a ride when you want shopping in a mall or supermarkets, plenty of entertainment to choose like cinema, amusement park, bars and many more...
Life in the city is living in a hurried life. You make the night to day and you make the day to night. Did you know that this kind of life is very stressful and you abuse the capacity of your body? Remember that we have 7 days a week and in the Bible, God allow us 6 days to work and 1 day for our rest. Our Lord God gave this law for our own good. And also our local laws have set the 8 hours working in a day and going beyond is considered overtime. But what is your purpose for cheating the hours of your rest?
Can you just pause for awhile, and try to think what you just missed in your life?

Have you tried to look at the sunshine in the morning?

Have you tried to look at the sunset in the afternoon?

And you will know what a beautiful is LIFE.
What makes you wake-up in the morning? Is it the horn of the big trucks or beeping of the jeepney? Or you like to wake-up in the morning and listen the birds while singing.
Experience all of these when you live in the countryside. Feel the touch of fresh air and eat fresh fruits and vegetable and witness the beautiful arts of nature.
If you are so busy in your business or works do not forget to give time to your body a time to relax and release your stress at the countryside near you. Tara na! Biyahe na! and Choose Philippines.

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