Monday, February 27, 2012

History of Barangay Darumawang Ilaya

According to the older people who live in barangay Darumawang Ilaya that their parents told that this place before is surrounded by a river and every time they will go here for lumber they need to ride a boat (local word “sakayan”). And they leave their boat to the native couple namely Daru and his wife Mawang. They were the first people lived in this place. That is why they named it Daru Mawang. And the word “Ilaya” is a bisayan word that means in English “Dried”.

On 1912, a certain portion of land under now in the municipality of lala was a vast, virgin forest land. Wherein loggers who worked in “SAKADA” from kolambogan, Lanao del Norte found this area as a source of wood for timber. At that time this place is under the municipality of Kolambugan as one of it’s Sitio’s.

On 1927, there were people who were friends of Datu from Kapatagan and they were able to ask a kaingin Permit from forestry for homested application, from forestland that have wild pigs, monkeys, big trees, kalaw birds, balod, parrots and many more wild animals inhabited some areas were cultivated.

On 1940’s, the first chapel of “San Vicente Ferrer” was built and now in Purok 4, Guimboran and the first school building was built for Grade 1 to Grade 3. At this time the settlers started to cultivate the land which they acquired from the bureau of lands by planting corn, banana, coconuts, camote and varius fruits.

On 1944 to 1945 some of the settlers evacuated to different places due to World War II while the others moved to mangrove areas to hide. After the war the people came back.

On March 22, 1949, Lala became a municipality and the sitio Darumawang Ilaya became one of the barangay under the Municipality of Lala.

Around 1950’s to 1960’s, about 10% of the land was cultivated for rice production while 50% were corn production. On this year’s an additional two rooms was constructed for Grade 4 to 6 and there were morning and afternoon classes.

In 1955, the place experienced intensity 9.0 earthquake causing the part of land submerged and became swampy area.

On 1976, Darumawang Ilaya struck by another earthquake with intensity 7 causes the river change its route and it was then the part of swampy area was dried and many people came to settle and to acquire land. The location of the school site was transferred because the school was damaged and the pre-fabricated school building was constructed in the new location it is now F.Ylaya Memorial School. It was then the government programs such as Masagana 99 program, green revolution and beautification and Biyayang Dagat were implemented.

In 1980’s, development of the barangay started such as barangay roads, electrification, irrigation for Riceland, the barangay acquired for barangay site for the barangay government center through donation by the late Tomas Llaguno Sr. The school site was donated by Felixberto Ylaya under the leadership of barangay chairman David Rodrigo.

On 1990’s, the roads to every purok’s was developed and construction of barangay hall and barangay office was built in the barangay site…

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