Monday, June 24, 2013

Blog Money from Infolinks

Blogging is not very easy. It needs time and patient because it is like taking care of a tree before you can get the fruit you must take care of it from seed until it grows and ready to give you a fruit.

At first I have no idea what is blogging, no one either told me about this, I accidentally discover it when I register gmail account and I click the option about blog and I just follow the instruction provided. I remember my first post is about a myth that I originally made. After 2 months I came back and I notice that some people view my post.

Starting there I post some information and I updated it every week, and I notice that many visitors came on my blog. And I visit many blogs to get some ideas from them and I notice that some of the blogs in their post some words or phrases have double underline and I get curious of what it is. I discovered that it a kind of advertisement from INFOLINKS and it gives income on your blog.

Therefore, the more you write on your blog plus the more visitors visit on your blog equals the faster your income grows through Infolinks

So even if you are not online your blog give you additional income. Thank you Infolinks you did a great job, you give us inspiration to write more because we know someday we will receive bonus from you.

To all bloggers out there if you want to have extra income register to Infolinks.

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