Sunday, July 07, 2013

The Rise of Sendong Victim and the Effects to the Nature

Do you remember what happened last December 17, 2011 at Iligan City? Some of us cannot forget it especially to those people whose family member and properties were lost.

And life must go on.... A saying says "We cannot live in the past, we must face the truth and ready to move for the future." Easy to say but hard to do but we believe that "Time Heals". These words justify to the victims of Baguio Sendong during my visit at the Sendong relocation site at Sta. Elena, Iligan City. Maybe because the Government not neglected their responsibilities and did their best to help the victims rise again.

One of the great help to victims was the housing projects given to them.
But my concern and message to the authorities that they need to take action is that. I notice some crack in the mountains in the mountains above the relocation site. Here are the pictures:

 Maybe it is very delicate to the people living above and the relocation site below if the soil continue to erode especially during rainy days. It need some prevention plan to avoid another devastating situation happened again.

Let us remember that, "Prevention is better than CURE."

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