Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Trip to Boracay Island from Mindanao

     What a dream come true... A trip to Boracay Island for Free.. A once in a lifetime opportunity given to me. It was a great privilege given to us as barangay officials because we are invited to attend the seminar that was held in Boracay which the expenses will be shouldered by the barangay.

      Our trip was via van-plane-van-boat to boracay and from boracay, boat-van-plane-bus-ship-lotradisco. Our starting point was in Municipality of Lala going to Lagindingan International Airport in Cagayan de Oro City by a Van about 4 hours of travel. 
Lagindingan International Airport, Cagayan de Oro City

     From Lagindingan Airport going to Ilo-ilo Airport, our transport plane was Cebu Pacific about 40 minutes of travel. In Ilo-ilo Airport we picked-up by a van going now to Caticlan Port and the travel is about 6 hours if no hitch on the road. And in Caticlan Port we ride a motor boat going to Boracay Island its about 5 minutes. And from Boracay Port you need to ride multi-cab or tricycle going to the beach and Hotels of Boracay its about 7 minutes.

      After six days of stay in boracay, its time to go home. From our hotel we ride again the multi-cab going to the Boracay Port and from Boracay Port ride a motor boat to Caticlan Port and from the Port we picked-up by a van going to Caticlan Airport its about 6 minutes of travel. From Caticlan Airport going to Mactan Airport, Cebu is about 30 minutes. 

     In Cebu, we picked-up by a tourist bus for a tour in Cebu. We visit the Mactan Shrine, Taoist Temple, Magellan Cross and the Basilica de Santo Niño. After the tour, we brought to Pier 4 for our trip going to Ozamis City via Ship (Trans Asia). The ship depart from Cebu 8:00 in the evening and we arrived in Ozamis around 6:20 in the morning. Then we ride a barge going to Mukas Pier about 20 minutes and ride Lotradisco going to Lala 30 minutes of travel.

     Our trip is so memorable. You know that all of this trip was all set by an agency and before our seminar all the tickets, reservation are all ready. Unfortunately, when we are about to went home our trip from Kalibo to Mactan was cancelled due to aircraft situation. And we are going to reroute from Caticlan to Mactan. And the solution was we need to be divided into 2 groups. The trip for the 1st group is 10:00 am and the trip of the 2nd group is 3:00 pm. And I am lucky because I'm in the 1st group. But the 2nd group was so unlucky their trip in 3:00 pm was cancelled again and they need to reroute from Kalibo Airport to Manila Airport and from Manila Airport going to Ozamis Airport..

     Well, all I can suggest as we have experience that when you are going to have a group trip it is better to go to travel and tours agency so that they will take care of all your trip from tickets and hotels reservation. It is a hustle free to you and you will enjoy the trip without thinking anything.

     It is good to travel the places in the Philippines because it's more fun in the Philippines.

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  1. You're right, it's much better to plan ahead, book your reservations and let them work for you. That's what's good about online reservation. Good thing, Boracay also has some of that -



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